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YOUR HEALTH NET This is a patient centered online PHR (Personal Health Record) for patients in the Interior Health Region of BC, Canada. It is a noncommercial site to share and store medical information. All patients on the site register for use and do so for the sole purpose of improving medical care through patient controlled medical records. The site is owned and operated by Vistacan Canada.

 This website is for health consumers (MSP and non-MSP) and health providers (public and private) of the Interior Health Region of BC.  The Interior Health Authority website (BC Health Ministry's agency for public health services in the Interior Region) website can be found here and a listing of BC doctors including the Interior region can be found here.


Patients "own" and are responsible for the content of their medical file.   Records are initially set to a private state (visible only to the owner and site administrator), though patients may share information with any site member  or make the record public (visible to all).  We strongly discourage posting of sensitive or personal information as security is only as good as your password.  Use at your own risk.

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